Starbucks Vouchers And iPad Minis For You!

Win Starbucks Vouchers

I have given many tips on how you can get free drinks at Starbucks on my previous postings. Well, here’s another one albeit for a limited time only plus you are required to complete a short (one-minute) survey HERE.

If you are one of the lucky persons in the year of the snake, then you could win not only FREE Starbucks vouchers but an iPad mini as well. There are two iPad Minis being offered to the lucky winners.

The Starbucks vouchers meanwhile are offered on a daily basis, though I’m not sure how many people will get it every day. 😀

iPad Minis

Those who are interested in this offer and willing to spend one minute of your precious time to do the survey, please visit the website HERE.

15,000 people are needed for the survey, so visit the website ASAP to be among the first 15,000.

– Starbucks Vouchers And iPad Minis For You!

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