Top 20 Apps That You Can Install On Your iPhone

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I think we just have to admire modern technology. Whatever I said, whatever criticisms I made and the fact that technology makes us behave like slaves or zombies does not mean that it is bad for us. Perhaps it is our fault for not making good use of evolutionary inventions created by geniuses like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Just take a look at the many useful apps that you can download and install on your smart phones.

They are very helpful and if we use them properly we can see more pros than cons that come with them.

However, this article is not going to deal with the pros and cons of modern technology or smart phones or phone applications. I believe my readers are mature enough to ponder over that issue and choose the best way to use modern technology.

Top Apps That You Can Install On Your iPhone

As an iPhone user, I have been thinking about posting this article for quite some time. I just thought it might be great to have a discussion on which useful apps  we can install on our phone. I know many of you have various types of apps, so please share you experience here.

As for me, here are my favourite Apps for my iPhone:


twitter apps

Everyone loves Twitter, right? However reading all those updates on your timeline can be very time-consuming or time-wasting. Therefore time management is important when using Twitter. Plus, be careful what you read on social media like Twitter. Not all are true. So, take it with a pinch of salt.

Plus be careful with what you’re posting. Use it wisely like: Ask question that you need a quick answer to. If you’re lucky enough, someone will reply to your tweet asap. If you’re an online marketer, you can use Twitter to build your reputation. Use Klout to gauge your online presence.



This app along with WeChat, Viber, etc put end to the use of SMS in text communications. Of course, SMS is still relevant but I don’t think we use it as often as, say, two or three years ago. To me, it is easier using WhatsApp especially in group communications.



This app helps me every time I go back to KL. I have no problem driving in my hometown, Muar since not much has changed since I left Semenanjung 15 years ago. However, KL is always changing, every day. It seems like the city never sleep. So, Waze is very useful when driving in KL. The only one problem with this App is that it kept dragging me back to the area where traffic is bad when there are better alternatives like using NKVE highway.

Muslim Pro

muslim pro

If you are a muslim then you will find this App very useful. It’s like bringing an Al-Quran with you everywhere you go. Plus, it is equipped with prayer times and compass pointing to Qibla.


air asia apps

I heard that MAS is going through restructuring process as our government is trying to put the ailing airline back on track. I think they need to also look at certain areas like customer service as well. I found that using MAS app on my smart phone is harder than Air Asia. The low budget airline have a very good and user friendly app that makes it easier to book air tickets and do online checking. If I’m in a hurry, I will choose AirAsia simply because I can book the ticket easier using my iPhone though in truth, I prefer MAS.



Taking picture and doing selfie! Well, it’s a trend these days, right? OK, I’m not a selfie addict but I love to take picture. Personal picture normally stay in the phone or moved to the hard drives. But the others, especially the interesting ones are best posted at Instagram.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Sometimes you get stuck while doing your work or research and your laptop is not around. As always ‘google’ the internet. Inside the iOs7, there is Safari browser (their default browser). Nonetheless, I always feel more comfortable using Chrome on smart phone.


gsc cinema

My wife loves to watch movie. I love to accompany her 😀 Therefore having GSC app is important especially as we prefer to watch movies at GSC 1Borneo. We can check the movie schedule and book tickets online, thus saving plenty of time and money.


wordpress apps

I don’t blog using smart phone. I don’t even answer any comments on my blog using my phone. Still, this app is useful for me to moderate the comment – i.e approve genuine comments and delete spam.  Plus, maintenance works like updating plugin can be done using this app.



Do you have KRT (Rukun Tertangga) in your neighbourhood? Well, my place has. Since, there are more than 200 houses and apartments in the area,  using WhatsApp is no longer suitable. WhatsApp has a limit of 50 users. So, we switched to Telegram.

Angry Bird Go

angry birds go

This is for my kids. It is just to keep them busy while I’m doing my work. : D You might want to read my previous post where I touched on this matter: 5 Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Busy On Your Way To Holidays

A bit of update here: The popularity of the game has waned. Now the kids are more into Pokemon Go! 😀

Lineup 11


Can’t really explain why I love this app. Then again, all football addicts can surely understand: D

Practice English Grammar

english grammar

Although I write in English, my English still has lots of room for improvement. To improve my English, I downloaded this app and do grammar exercises from time to time. Hopefully, it will help me to get better.

Dino Maths

dino maths

This app is for the little ones. It teaches pre-school kids simple maths such as plus and minus. Dino Maths is easy to use and suitable for kids age 4 to 6 years old.

The Star Mobile

the star mobile

When it comes to e-paper in Malaysia, I think TheStar has the best one. Their app is easy to read and navigate. This app keeps me updated with what goes on around in this country.



If you a Starbucks addict and have a Starbucks card, then make sure that you install this app. You don’t need to bring your card anymore as you can pay using this app. You can also check your credit balance and see what reward you have collected.


facebook apps

I still use Facebook but not as much as five or six years ago. I have limited the use for personal purpose only like uploading family pictures on certain occasions. I also have limited the viewers of the pictures to close friends and relatives only.

Facebook Pages

facebook page

I use Facebook to promote my blogs. Therefore having Facebook Pages app is useful for that purpose. Posting, commenting and moderating is easy with this app. Useful for bloggers and website owners.

YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader

I don’t have UniFi, so watching videos on YouTube can be very slow especially when Streamyx is having problem. Therefore, install this app so that I can download YouTube video and watch it later offline.

Manchester United

man utd

I’m a big fan of Manchester United. Well you probably know it already 😀 This app is a must for a true Red Devil’s fan.

Well, that’s top 20 apps that I frequently use on my iPhone. There are more of course like Skype, Google+, FIFA2014, Tumblr, Foursquare etc. Still, I’m too lazy to write about all of them. 20 is enough for now 😀 If you have any nice app for iPhone that you wanna share, feel free to comment on the comment box below. Thank you.

Top 20 Apps That You Can Install On Your iPhone

24 thoughts on “Top 20 Apps That You Can Install On Your iPhone

    1. Don’t be sad dear. 🙁 It just a phone 😀 Plus, most of the apps in iPhone can also be found on Android and Window phones.
      Whatsapp ia a must for everybody. Jimat bil phone 😀

    1. I have youtube too but I prefer downloading the video first and enjoy it later.
      Unless of course if I’m connecting to UniFi, then watching directly on YouTube should be fine.

      1. Actually i wanna ask the difference between both

        but you already explain in a cool way

        now i have a very clear picture of what youtube downloader is about

        its a must for me too since my askar always wanna watch legi lah upin lah marvel lah while in the car and i am so kedekut to use my broadband


        thats cool to have this youtube downloader

        thanks *thumbs up*

        1. Ha ha same as me. My askar also love to watch video using my phone. To save my bandwidth, I download whatever video they want at home, so they can play it in the car. To be safe I switch off the cellular data before handing the phone to them 😀 Bapa yang kedekut kan? 😉

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