When Siti Tweets Khairy

Studies reveal that there are 17.5 million internet users in Malaysia in 2012 and in 2016, this number will increase by 20% to 21 million users. It was estimated that Malaysian internet users spend nearly 20 hours per week online with 32.1% of that time on social medias, followed by 11.5% for entertainment. Thus, social media accounts for one-third of all time spent online.


Social medias has become a standard tool in communication and very important to many people. If you don’t think this is true, then you might want to read the passage below:

At the recent New York Times forum in Singapore, Eleonora Sharef, a co-founder of HireArt, was explaining what new skills employers were seeking from job applicants, but she really got the audience’s attention when she mentioned that her search firm was recently told by one employer that it wouldn’t look at any applicant for a marketing job who didn’t have at least 2,000 Twitter followers — and the more the better. She didn’t disclose the name of the firm, but she told me that it wasn’t Twitter. – THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, NYT Columnist

The passage above clearly demonstrates how much the world has changed today and the importance of social media should not be underestimated. If you haven’t got a Twitter account, you might want to sign up now. Who knows your job application may be rejected for not having enough Twitter followers 😉

As a blogger, I do follow certain celebrities or VIPs to get materials for my blog posting. Well, there are many of stories that you can create from Twitter or Facebook or even Instagram. Those stories might not even need to come from the celebs. Read HERE for example.

You can also see journalist or reporter getting their stories from these social medias. Remember the little girl that get rammed by a lorry in China not long ago? It went viral after someone posted it on YouTube. There are also celebrities and VIPs that make press releases or important announcements at their social media account. It really makes your life easier if you are a reporter. Gone are the days when you have to go out undercover to get great stories like Redzuan Hashim did in ‘Hati Bukan Kristal’. Those were just ‘old school‘.

So, When Siti Tweets Khairy…

Therefore, it is no surprise when Malaysia’s top singer, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza sent a tweet to the charming Mr Popular, Mr Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin that local medias become abuzz. It was bound to become a hit the moment Datuk Siti thought about tweeting it to Khairy. Freaking awesome, don’t you think?

So when Siti tweets Khairy, what do you get? Several hours after the tweet went up, several blogs and online portal picked up the stories and you can see several different versions and views on it. See the screenshot below:

siti kj twitter

Aha, it appears in gossip blogs such as BeautifulNara  and e-Gossip. It also made headlines in socio-political blogs and online portals, while several sports blog also picked up the story.

Will this effect either Siti or Khairy? Will it change our popular Sports Minister’s approach to the sports associations in Malaysia? Well, we can guess but nobody knows for sure for now. Still, it does make great headlines for a day or two and we Malaysians do know how to enjoy great stories. We just need to tune to the social medias.

When Siti Tweets Khairy

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