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A Stay at Hotel Sixty3 Kota Kinabalu

by Zurainny Ismail   ·  1 year ago   ·  

Now that travels are permitted, I think it’s about time to share about some of the many lovely hotels around Sabah. Places I believe you’ll be happy to stay at. One of them, situated within the vicinity of Gaya Street and Jalan Pantai, is Hotel Sixty3 Kota Kinabalu.

We had the chance to experience the hospitality of Hotel Sixty3 during the Aidilfitri holidays. Unlike many other states, we in Sabah were permitted to visit our immediate family for Raya, subject to several restrictions, of course. For the first time ever, our homes had QR-codes. Though it was a milder version of Raya gathering, at least we got to meet up with some of our immediate family members, unlike in 2020.


A Stay at Hotel Sixty3 Kota Kinabalu

After spending a few lovely hours at my Mom’s, we checked into Hotel Sixty3.

At the kids’ request, I especially looked for hotels with a bathtub. Preferably, new hotels. Which is rare as nowadays most new hotels only have showers. After making a few enquiries and searches, I managed to get confirmation from the Hotel that they do have a few rooms with bathtubs. And the rate at that time was too good to resist.

Specifically, only the Suites at Hotel Sixty3 are furnished with bathtubs. Due to the low occupancy at that time, they only opened the 1st floor. And there’s only 1 Suite on the floor. So, I immediately made the reservations directly with the Hotel. And we were lucky enough to snag 3 rooms, inclusive of a Suite.

How sweet was that!

Checking In

The Hotel is stricter that most, they asked for all our ICs. In my (limited) experience, most hotels request for the IC of only one person. But it was not a big deal.

Though our rooms were on the 1st floor, we chose to take the elevator as we had our luggage.

Here’s a snap of the lounge area for the guests at the first floor. Nice and comfy.

First Floor, Hotel Sixty3

At first we thought we had the first floor all to ourselves. Which would be a bit creepy, I guess.

Nope, there were other families as well.🤗

Room Types at Hotel Sixty3

There are several room types at Hotel Sixty3 at rates ranging from RM130 to RM300.

  • Super Standard King
  • Super Standard Twin
  • Superior Room King
  • Superior Room Twin
  • Family Deluxe Double Queen
  • Executive Deluxe
  • Suite

Not only did we get the really, really super special rates, we also received free room upgrades. 2 of our Super Standard rooms were upgraded to Superior Rooms. The other room was upgraded to Suite. It’s like a Raya treat from the Hotel!

Suite at Hotel Sixty3 Kota Kinabalu

As mentioned above, we took 3 rooms for 6 adults & 1 kid. Let’s start with the Suite.

We let our 3 boys occupy the Suite and enjoy the huge space. As you can see, the boys were still in their Baju Melayu when we checked in.

Hotel Sixty3 Suite with Dining and Living area

The Suite has its own dining and living area. Aside from the usual mini-fridge/mini-bar, kettle and coffee cups, there’re also a microwave oven and plates/bowls, if I’m not mistaken.

This living room became the venue where we gathered to play Scrabble and Snake & Ladder, for a few hours.

Besides the tv in the living room, there is also another 40″ flat screen TV in the bedroom. I believe it was a King-sized bed. There were towels and bathrobes provided as well. And plenty of sunlight. Lots of view in the Suite.

A bathtub in the Suite at Hotel Sixty3

And here’s the sought-after BATHTUB!

The kids had a blast taking turns using the tub.

The function of a tub cannot be underestimated. It’s a place to destress, soak away tiredness, and to sink into calmness. Coupled with the sweet scents of luxurious bath foams, they were in a spa!

Another good thing about staying at Hotel Sixty3 is it’s located near to Suria Sabah Shopping Complex, where we bought all the bubble bath foams we needed.

There were also the usual amenities provided such as hairdryer, toothbrushes, shower caps, shower gel, shampoo and cotton buds. As you can see, there are many glass doors in the bathroom.

Oh, and there were also iron and ironing board in all the rooms, which to me is very important indeed.

Superior Room at Hotel Sixty3

Hubby and I stayed in the Superior Room, which is more spacious than the Super Standard King. I could literally zumba in the room. The girls were in the room next to ours.

I may not have the best photography skills, but I think the photo above looks very welcoming, pleasing and spacious. Makes one feel like taking a nap. I can’t believe I could take such a lovely photo, using only my humble 3 years old Samsung Galaxy A10 and my shaky hands! 🤭

And on the bed is this wonderful notice:

Which we can see at most hotel rooms nowadays. I love it because I don’t think the sheets and towels need to be replaced daily. Most importantly, it is our duty to conserve water.

We have no issue with the bed, beddings and pillows.

A delightful surprise from Hotel Sixty3

On top of the special discounted rates and the free room upgrades, we also received these heart-warming welcome fruits. We were delightfully surprised, super impressed and really grateful for the complementary fresh fruits waiting in each of our rooms.


Eateries and Other Stuffs

Though there were no F&B outlet at the hotel, there are many eateries nearby, such as Old Town White Coffee, Pizza Hut, Azuma Sushi, etc. And there’s also Grab Food and Food Panda services, so no problem with getting our meals.

Hotel Sixty3 Kota Kinabalu is merely steps away from the famous Gaya Street Sunday Fair and also the Night Food Market. It would be a very festive place to be, once all activites can resume in full.

The internet line was fine, of course, as we were in the KK City.

We did encounter a bit of a problem with the kettle in the suite, but it was swiftly resolved by the staff in no time at all.

All in all, Hotel Sixty3 is a great place to stay if you want to be in the middle of the KK City. Of course, don’t just take my word for it – have a look at the excellent reviews!



  1. wahhhhh besar & luas. mmg puas hati anak-anak dapat rileks dlm bathtub mcm tu hehehe

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Hahaha, ya, dorg take turn guna bathtub! The highlight of the stay! 😉

  2. wah…besar bilik hotel yang ditempah..

    memang layan la sebagai rekreasi bersama keluara.

    saya juga suka hotel dan sebagai ahli perniagaan, hotel adalah gaya hidup untuk keselesaan apabila travel

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Ya, mmg besar! Sekali sekala bawa anak2 ddk hotel ok, kalau selalu, nanti poket kering.
      x tau brp rate Hotel Sixty3 skrg ni, tapi time tu mmg byk promo.


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