Air Asia Free Tickets: Gone In Thirty Minutes?

There is much fuss going on about the free Air Asia tickets as announced by PM last Saturday. Under a special 1Malaysia aircraft livery to commemorate the ‘1Malaysia Integration Programme With AirAsia’, 10,000 free return tickets to/from Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Sarawak were made available for booking from 12.01 am today for travel between Jan 14 and Feb 4. As expected, many Malaysians tried their luck and within 30 minutes (or less), you’ll find most of the free tickets gone, leaving only the usual-priced tickets.

Those who travel alone, with fast internet connection and whose travelling date is of no issue will probably have better chances of getting the free tickets than others.

AirAsia Free Tickets

Malaysians Love FREE Stuff

Someone who was ready at 12am today, told me that she spent about 15 minutes browsing for suitable dates and viewing the price, and 5 minutes discussing with her spouse, but by the time she wanted to make the booking, all the RM6-00 tickets were gone. Less than 30 minutes!

Honestly, I do feel 10,000 is quite a small number for a country like Malaysia. It shows how much we like the FREE stuff 😀 . I bet many of those tried this morning has already travelled many times between Semenanjung and Sabah and Sarawak but because it is FREE, why not travel some more? So, the objective of  ‘1Malaysia Integration Programme with AirAsia’ is not going to work if the implementation is like this.

Free Air Asia tickets should be distributed only to those who has never travelled between Sabah and Sarawak and Semenanjung.

Then again, the gomen and Air Asia will get lots of bureaucracy work to deal with. If they don’t handle it carefully, it will bring more issues for the present government to deal with and they certainly don’t want that with election drawing near.

Congrats To Those Who Get The Air Asia Free Tickets

Nonetheless, I would like to congratulate those who managed to get the AirAsia Free tickets. Obviously your hardship of staying up late and effort of deciding and keying in the details ASAP has paid off. I hope you enjoy your travel and don’t forget to spend more at wherever places that you go.

You already get the free tickets maa, help others by spending at their shop or store, especially those local/small traders selling locally made products. 😉

Air Asia Free Tickets: Gone In Thirty Minutes?


  1. Sikit sangat kuota nie.. Lagi baek kalau airasia buat offer untuk pergi balik. Anyway, dah dapat tiket free nie.. Huhu

  2. kalau tempoh booking dan tempoh penerbangan lebih lama senang juga nak susun atur jadual… ini dekat sgt tarikhnya. mmg tak dpt nak luangkan masa bercuti.

  3. I’ve heard that the free thing is only the ticket..but we still need to pay for other fee at the airport..

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