Best Outdoor Travel Adventure Places From Six Continents

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The world is filled with new adventures and unusual destinations just waiting to be tried. With so many unusual activities available across the globe, holidays can be exciting and unique. One of the main reasons why people travel is the challenge it poses. Scaling mountains, surfing across the waters or experiencing the world from the skies above- if you have always wanted to experience any of these adrenaline-charged activities but are not sure where to start from, you have landed on the right place.

Here are the top locations in the world for outdoor adventure experiences.

 Wild Life South Africa

Not only is South Africa one of the best places to see lions, tigers, rhinos, zebras, giraffes and cheetahs, it is also home to some of the most extreme adventures on the planet. There are several exhilarating activities that you can indulge in- such as rock climbing, snorkeling, surfing, hiking and the world’s highest bungee jumping. It is also the ideal launching point to make trips to neighboring remote countries, such as Zimbabwe and Namibia.

From iconic Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town to Safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa has it all.

African Lion - Western Kruger, South Africa

 Kayaking in Glacier Bay Alaska

If you a kayaking lover and looking for a lifetime experience, Glacier Bay is surely one of the destinations for you. Glacier Bay national park and nearby Icy straits located in Southeast Alaska offers one of the finest kayaking experience in the word. There is something for everyone out here. Novice kayakers can find expert guides here to help them experience sea kayaking. Experienced kayaks can go kayaking with famous Orcas or humpback whales or take a trip into Beardslee Islands.

Nature lovers will not only see a lot of marine life here but also wildlife species such as bears and puffins around the shorelines.

Kayak in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Bungee Jumping in Switzerland

Ever wanted to experience life as James Bond does?

Jump from the famous Golden Eye Bungee jump-.Best known as Snow Sports haven, Switzerland is also famous for its adrenaline-charged bungee jumping experience at Verzasca Dam.

The Swiss Alps offer every mountain sport imaginable and might just be heaven on earth for mountaineers and skiers alike. Besides skiing and snowboarding, there are other great ways such as tobogganing, ice climbing, air boarding, hiking, dog sledding and ice diving, to enjoy this winter wonderland.


Amazon Rain-forests Brazil

Aside from its famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, there are numerous adventures that this country offers. Brazil offers passionate travelers an opportunity to experience the natural wildlife. The land of spider monkeys or howler monkeys, the place is an oasis of wildlife. There is an array of outdoor adventure activities to immerse you in nature- like boat excursions, gentle hiking, snorkeling, volcano watching, outrigger canoeing etc.

With beaches, theme parks, historical landmarks, guided tours and hiking trips, and wildlife galore, you have a lot of options to fill up your adventure vacation schedule.

Hiking and trekking The Himalayas

If Alps are not tall enough for you, the Himalayas sure will be. The mountain ranges, which lie on the border of India and Nepal, are covered with white snow, making the hill stations appear like precious gems on the crown. Himalayas is the playground for climbers and trekkers interested in pushing themselves to the limit. You can explore several trekking routes- the most popular being the Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal.

To the West of the main Himalayan range is the second most popular range- the Karakorum. K2, the world’s second tallest peak is located here.

Another popular walking holiday in Himalayas is the Gokyo Lakes, situated in the Khumbu.

Hike the mountains

Outdoor activities in Australia

Australia is an incredible country, and one of the major tourist destinations of the world. This amazing place has so much to offer other than great food and extravagant shopping. From water sports, adventurous activities to world famous historical sites Australia’s diverse range of activities truly makes it an adventurer’s heaven.

Tourists from all over the world come for sun bathing, surfing, scuba diving and indulging in other water sports activities. Harbour cruises are also major attractions for tourists as well as local people.

Group adventure on the Brisbane river with Riverlife

Well, if you’re looking for extraordinary and out of this world holiday ideas, you should definitely find something in the above mentioned list that will blow you away!

Best Outdoor Travel Adventure Places From Six Continents