Bucket List Ideas: Travel And Adventure Tips

The Bucket List

Bucket List is defined as : A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket“.” – Urban Dictionary. So, do you have a bucket list – things that you hope to do before you leave this life?  I think almost everybody has a bucket list or life goals, whether consciously (properly listed and written down somewhere) or unconsciously (a hope that lingers in the mind).

It could be almost anything special such as to visit places (Norway, Sweden, Turkey, etc), to be more adventurous (bungee jumping, para-gliding, swimming with the sharks, etc), projects to undertake, or even participating in ‘Kilauan Emas’ (not to win, just to gauge how talented you are).

My Bucket List

My bucket list includes visiting places and after reading ‘Gain New Perspective At These 7 Breathtaking Places On Earth’ and seeing the breath-taking photos in it, I’ve added the 7 places listed into my bucket list. 

They are all so surreal, I have to see it myself to believe it – the cave of the nymphs, the glowworms in New Zealand, and others.  Well…. honestly, list no. 6 is rather too risky – if I do attempt it, it shall be the last thing on my bucket list because it could literally be my last activity on earth!

travel tips

Victoria Falls

Do have a look at the breathtaking scenery HERE and share with us which of those magical places that you would put on your bucket list.

Bucket List Ideas: Travel And Adventure Tips

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    1. Don’t worry bro, you can start your bucket list by simply writes down few things that you want to do the most. You can expand the list later….

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