Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park

This flora and fauna botanical paradise covers an area of 754 square kilometers. The biggest attraction in Kinabalu Park would be the Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden and one of the world’s most prominent mountains, Mount Kinabalu, which peaks at 12,455 feet above sea level. Maybe due to the constant drizzle and moody weather, there were not many visitors that day. 

Botanical Garden

I paid for the entrance fee into the Botanical Garden but the area was so eerily deserted, what with the foggy atmosphere, that I only took quick snapshots.

Kinabalu-Park-Photography 2

But what a glorious sight it would be during a nice cool sunny day!

Kinabalu Park is open daily from 7am to 5pm.


Kinabalu Park Photography 3

Kinabalu Park Photography 5


– Kinabalu Park

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  1. Malaysia Travel Blog

    ;D…. gila penat berjalan kaki pusing kat tempat ni bulan march yang lalu…

  2. Nice shots! All look like having a great time. Glad to see so many nice plants there. Thanks for posting these great pics. Have a great day 😀

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