Safari At A’ Famosa Resort Malacca

A Farmosa Melaka

The last time we had Safari in Malaysia was way back in the 80’s. My family went there a few times, I think, and yet I can’t remember much about how the place looked like. I was very young then, and young people normally don’t bother much about the details.

We just enjoyed ourselves looking at the animals and all the other things that they put inside the Safari, which was in my home state, Johor, by the way.

The Safari is long closed and we had to go to the zoo to see all the animals. It was fun going to the zoo (and museum 😀 ) back then.

safari-a famosa

We can go there again and again without being bored. Well, kids these days have different opinion. The only animal they like so much these day is probably that red angry bird!

They don’t even realize that the bird is not alive 😉

A’ Famosa Resort Malacca

Now, we have a new Safari built in Malacca. It is inside a huge fun park at A’ Famosa Resort Malacca. Well, not the red building inside the Malacca City but located somewhere near the PLUS Highway. My kids thoroughly enjoyed their trips there.

The place was hot and humid but it always fun looking at the wild animals – at least from our family’s perspective.

Too bad some of them looked very weak and thin. The park owner must be struggling to feed all those animals.

Luckily, Malaysian are very supportive 😀

I can see many Malaysians along with the foreign tourists went to enjoy their time there.




We took lots of pictures there. Too bad I still have yet to get the telephoto lens that I’ve been craving for so long. So, there is no close-up photos on the wild animals here. Just pictures of my kids and their cousins having fun there.

If you haven’t been to the Safari at A’ Famosa, I suggest you go there this holidays.

If you open your heart, I promise you will have lots of fun.







Safari  At  A’ Famosa Resort Malacca


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