Sleeping Pandas At Zoo Negara


Well, we had anticipated that actually. Listed by many websites as one of the laziest animals in the world, the Pandas really live up to their tag. They greeted us who came all the way from KK by doing what they do best – SLEEP!

But our kids really didn’t mind that much. They just wanted to see the Pandas (Feng Yi and Fu Wa) LIVE before their very eyes.

My daughter who shares the same birthday with the Pandas was the most excited one.

She took plenty of pictures of the two Zoo Negara’s celebrities and really enjoyed her time there.

Hello Feng Yi and Fu Wa

Feng Yi and Fu Wa (Xing Xing and Liang Liang) are currently housed in the RM25 million Giant Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre at Zoo Negara. It is about 15 minutes walk from the main entrance, depending on how fast you can walk. We were bringing children, so it took us some time to get there.

They were really tired but they wanted so much to see the Pandas. None of my kids and their cousins (who came together with their families) have seen the Pandas live before.

So, you can imagine the excitement at the Exhibition Centre.

Giant Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre

Giant Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre

Giant Panda Conservation centre

Inside the Exhibition Centre, the temperature were kept below 24°C to simulate their natural habitat. It’s a bit cold, much like in Kundasang.

  • There were many other visitors (mostly kids from a kindergarten) inside the centre.
  • The staff there had to work extra hard to keep the noise down.

It’s quite a beautiful place but I really find it hard to describe. You can see from the photos below to imagine that place. 😀

Conservation centre

panda sleep

sleeping panda

Panda zoo negara

Overall, we had quite an enjoyable time there.

OK, the Pandas might be sleeping but the kids were still very happy, which is the most important thing. Right?

You can also buy Panda souvenirs at many outlets within the Zoo Negara compound and even inside the Giant Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre. They were cute.

Plus, do try out the food at Panda Cafe inside the centre. The menu is not bad either.

So visit Zoo Negara today and visit those Giant Pandas too.

souvenirs shop

Panda cafe

– Sleeping Pandas At Zoo Negara

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