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Tea Time with Tea Bird Tea

by Zurainny Ismail   ·  8 months ago   ·  

I generally don’t enjoy drinking tea. Not a fan of any version of the popular matcha, nor Captain (Admiral) Jean Luc Picard’s favourite Earl Grey. The exception is the complementary welcome tea at Manukan Island, which was delightfully refreshing. Nonetheless, my tea time takes place in the early mornings, for its health benefits. Among the usual are Teh Pegaga, lemon tea, ginger tea, etc. And Tea Bird Tea.

Slimming Green Tea label

Tea Time with Tea Bird Tea

Why Tea Bird Tea? Because I am lazy and TBT offers a variety of ready tea combos in convenient tea bags. Honestly, I do not fancy looking for cloves, orange slices, etc, whenever I need a particular tea. I am also intrigued by the combination of ingredients of the teas. Most importantly, I have experienced its wonderful effects. It has helped me with my sleep problems, released me from caffeine-dependency, regularised my monthly cycles, etc.

Here is a pic taken pre-MCO, at my previous office. I ate lots of fruits and veggies during those times. Lots of brisk walking and climbing stairs, too! Ahh…those were the times when my weight was more manageable!

Enjoying Tea Bird Tea at the office

Unfortunately, it has been a while since I replenished my TBT teas. Why? Waiting for special offers, perhaps?

I didn’t wait in vain, because a few months ago, I managed to snag a few tins during their Buy 3-Free 1 promo. How can I say no to that!

My Pick of TBT

Ginger Snap, Colon Cleanse, Lemongrass and Moroccan Mint

I picked these 3 and here are there ingredients:

  • Ginger Snap – Organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic liquorice, organic rosehip, natural orange flavour
  • Colon Cleanse – Organic spearmint, organic burdock root. organic liquorice root, organic fennel seeds, organic fenugreek seeds, organic cardamom pods
  • Lemongrass – Organic lemongrass, organic ginger, organic lemon myrtle, organic rosehip, organic rose petals
  • Free gift : Moroccan Mint – never tried this before. Organic green tea, organic peppermint leaves, organic spearmint leaves, organic lemongrass, organic lemon myrtle

Why those 3? Because of the taste, ingredients and benefits. Perhaps next time I’ll try out the Slimming Green Tea, perhaps it can help me to manage my weight better.

To find out more info about those 3 and all the other teas available, please do visit Tea Bird Tea.



  1. Nur

    Saya lebih suka kopi. Tapi sesekali, layan juga teh. 🙂

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Saya paling suka nescafe 3-in-1 tapi tak blh minum selalu, nanti susah nak kawal berat badan. Minum TBT utk dptkan khasiatnya, Insya-Allah.

  2. Design packaging terpaling menarik. Rasa teh yang menyihatkan terus jadi suka ye 🙂

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Akak suka the ingredients, the possible health benefits, and the discount, of course, hihihi.

  3. menariknya packaging, tak jumpa pulak di semenanjung

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Very artistic, kan. Kalau tak silap, dulu ada kat Jaya Grocer, tapi tak tau skrg mcm mn. Akak tengok kat IG TBT, dorg mention KLCC.

      1. di jaya grocer tak nampak pulak.. mungkin tak semua branch ada jual kot

  4. Can try since dislike coffee. 🙂

    1. Zurainny Ismail

      Hahaha….pls do! Surprisingly, though I dislike drinking coffee without sugar, for tea bird tea I really don’t mind.


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