The Costs of Defamation Suit

Defamation is a very interesting subject.  Almost anything that belittles a person or an organisation can be accused as being defamatory.  For the basics on defamation, please read previous articles.

For example, in the case of Dr Bernadine Malini, the lovely doctor sued MPH and 2 others for defamation because of the publication of her picture in a wedding gown in the Female magazine.  She claimed that the picture was “derogatory,……..”.


According to her, the advertisement would lead the ordinary, reasonable man to the conclusion that her income as a doctor was insufficient therefore she had to supplement her income by being a part-time model.  Her claim was dismissed, even when she appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Imagine, being sued for not saying anything nasty about someone but actually flattering them (not just anyone would be chosen to grace a wedding gown advertisement – she has to be lovely).  The fault in the matter was that neither the publisher nor the boutique company seek her consent to the publication of her photo.  The photographer was totally innocent as the photo was supposed to be placed in their record of wedding gown designs.

The Costs of Defamation Suit

Anyway, the lovely doctor not only lose the case, had to bear all her legal costs and also the costs of the photographer in defending the claim.  So, before you start suing, please get the opinion of an ordinary and reasonable man on whether something is defamatory of not.   😀

The Costs of Defamation Suit

5 thoughts on “The Costs of Defamation Suit

  1. Hi, sy nak pendapat. kalau post sy dalam keadaan marah, tetapi sudah dipadam dan meminta maaf secara public, setahun kemudian mereka menyaman sy dengan gunakan post sy yg mereka print screen, mcm mana? sy tak mampu untuk ambil peguam utk defend diri.

    1. kes defamation begini ialah bersifat ‘libel’ atau bertulis. Banyak bergantung kepada apayg anda tulis dan IMPLIKASI terhadap orang yg dinyatakan dalam tulisan itu. Maaf, saya tidak akan dapat beri jawapan yg baik utk soalan sebegini. Jika dia benar2 saman anda, sila consult dengan peguam sebaiknya. Dalam saman akan dikempilkan sebab2 dan alasan saman mereka. Dari situ, peguam boleh nasihatkan anda akan tindakan selanjutnya.

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