Milo’s Breakfast Movement Campaign

Milo Breakfast Movement Campaign

As usual, weekend is a family day.

No blogging, no computer and absolutely no internet 😀

This week we went to 1Borneo Hypermall to catch Milo’s ‘Breakfast Movement Campaign’. It was part of Milo’s product promotion and to inculcate breakfast eating habits among Malaysians through interactive activities and interesting games. You can try out your skills on basketball, football and iPad game.

But the best of all is, you will be given a goodie bag once you’ve completed all the games.

See picture above.

Milo’s ‘Breakfast Movement Campaign’

We spent about two hours playing games, taking pictures and collecting goodie bags. The kids enjoyed it though queuing for each game can be a bit stressful at times. You can also purchase Milo products at discount price there.

A free cute little Milo toy for purchase above RM35.

The nationwide Milo breakfast movement campaign are held in major shopping complexes and offered the public a line-up of various activities with stage performances, nutrition talk and interactive games aimed at increasing the awareness of breakfast throughout Malaysia and also to encourage breakfast habits amongst Malaysians.

Last week it went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for three days (21 to 23 Jun). 

The event also offered a wellness session to encourage parents and children to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Milo hopes to address the issue of not-taking-breakfast habits through impact on-ground activities like these to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle among Malaysians.

– Milo’s Breakfast Movement Campaign

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