Hunger Game At Stars Archery 1Borneo

Stars Archery 1Borneo

Then there was Robin Hood. He inspired me and my friends to play in the wood, climbing up trees and honing our archery skills.

Unlike these days where kids can go the Archery Centre and use the real thing (the Olympic standard bow and arrow), in the good old days, we had to be creative and create our own.

For the bow, we used bamboo and Post Office rubber (the huge ones used by postman to tie the mails) while the arrow was made usually using ‘lidi penyapu’ (broom made from coconut leaves). Of course, we didn’t feel much like Robin Hood but at least nobody got hurt.

rubber and bamboo

We did however sharpened the arrow or add pins to it when aiming at lizards.

There were plenty of lizards at our kampong and there were many folks annoyed with the pests.

We got paid for killing those annoying lizards!

Stars Archery 1Borneo Hypermall

Now, as archery centres become more and more available across the country – ENTER Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire.

The character played by actress Jennifer Lawrence has caught many eyes and helped archery centre operators with their business as many were driven to the centre after getting inspired by her heroic in box-office, Hunger Game. My family love the movie very much – we watched it at the cinema, bought the DVD and look forward to the next instalment, i.e ‘Mockingjay – Part 1’.

hunger game

Therefore, little wonder that our kids were jumping with joy when I told them that we were going to spend some time at Stars Archery at 1Borneo KK last night.

They were thrilled!

The girls obviously were imagining themselves as Katniss Everdeen.

They certainly got the style. If only their shots were half as good as Katniss’. 😉


archery accesories

archery centre

To be honest, archery is fun. I don’t think archery is very technical but wait till we try it outdoor – must be more difficult when the element of nature, such as the wind, affects the way the arrow travels. However, even when doing it indoor: if you want to hit the target as accurate as Katniss Everdeen, you need to have strong concentration.

A bit like bowling where a tiny error can mean huge points lost.

Remember, in the movie ‘Prince of Thieves’ when Maid Marian blew at Robin’s cheek? Even Robin Hood can’t get it right when distracted.

As for the physical aspect of it, I think those top notch archers must have a very strong left arm to keep the bow steady throughout the routine. I think beginners tend to miss their target more often than not because their left arm moved before the arrow left the bow.

It is quite difficult to keep it straight and steady when you are not trained for such routine.

game package at Stars Archery 1Borneo

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable night at Stars Archery 1Borneo. I don’t think anyone of us managed to hit the bull’s eye though I did come close several times. I lost RM3 bet with my son in the process as I thought I could make it at least once.

We will surely come back for another round and this time I’ll get back my RM3.

Anyway, we enjoy our Hunger Game time At Stars Archery 1Borneo!

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  1. Pernah juak makan kat Berjaya Times Square indoor archery nie….mula-mula memang kekok…..tapi seronok.Skang nie kalau nak main tunggu offer groupon boleh dapat murah2x

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